360 Degree LED Display

As latest masterpiece from Milky Way Image, Jazzy series 360 degrees multi-screen round vision LED display is a revolutionary product in large screendisplays.

Contrastively, Jazzy has more advantage than traditional large screen displays like LED Panel, PDP, projector, LCD or CRT etc. First, anybody can see it anywhere since its rotating body. For more far visual range and perfect color effect, Jazzy uses high brightness LEDs other than normal LEDs used in LED panel display.

With our leading and advanced image processing technology, capability of LEDs are exactly represented. 256 grayscale of single base color (Red, Green or Blue) brings more smoothly color, image is recovered closer to original copy.

With our continuous development, Jazzy series model catalogue is increasing; easier usage, richer functions and wider application situation will be provided. Now model MW0901 and MW0903 are available.

  • Dynamic rotating, space-time controlling, 360 degrees wide vision.
  • High brightness, picked LED's, 256 grayscale of base color (R, G or B).
  • Quality video source: DVI (Digital Vision Interface).
  • Fast, reliable, stable signal transferring by fiber signal.
  • Breakthrough space limit, reliable remote solution.
  • Wide inside and outside application.
MW0901 and MW0902 Specs
MW0903A and MW0903B Specs