Tailor Made MXB or FXB

Not enough space to fit an standard MXB, FXB, EFXB Human gyroscope or Spider tower?

No problem...

We can manufacture an FXB, MXB or EFXB or any other of our products to fit your specifications. In case that the ceiling is too low or the area to small, we can Tailor build the bungy trampoline you want to fit your needs. It can be fit for kids users only or adults as well, and still perform wild back flips and high jumps in total safety

  • Height made to your specifications
  • Area made to your specifications
  • Type of Trampolines (rectangular or round standard to fit your needs of area size)
  • Earnings times four.
  • No-where else you can find this service! Only here at www.bungytrampolines.com
  • High quality materials and components.
  • Lowest price than any other on the market.
  • Three year structure Warranty.
  • One year warranty in components.
  • One year orange winch warranty.
Description SKU# Price in TW$ Price in Euros Price in US$
Mini FXB-Bungy Trampoline Mini FXB Call Call Call
Mini FXB-Bungy Trampoline MFXB-OP Call Call Call
Mini MXB