New Re-designed model of EFXB 2009 super easy and fast set up, will let you be ready to start operating your EFXB in 30 minutes only.

With a trailer and no trailer option, you will simplify your life and set up costs. Time is money and for rental or day events this unit will be a certain success anywhere.

BUNGY TRAMPOLINES are an amusement active sport apparatus that let you enjoy jumps up to 8 meters high in a safe and controlled bouncing action.

This Machine can be used for multiple applications such as Enjoyment, Training or learning to flip for skiing, skating, etc., acrobatic training for athletes, in schools for PE training, etc.

The most popular use for Bungy Trampolines is for rental or to operate it in shopping malls, at the beach, in amusement parks, for promotions, advertisement of products, etc.

The Time proven Money maker!!!

Multiply your earnings times four!!!

Its four stations, easy to build and smaller investment than any of its kind in the market, makes the EFXB- Four Jumpers Station Bungy Trampoline Mobile the ideal system for day events and short fairs and for places with bigger area to set up and high attendance of people, and where quick assembly and disassembly is necessary.

  • Model: E-FXB "Bungy Trampoline" for FOUR persons up to 90 kg/each station
  • Size built up: height 7,25 m, width 11 m, length 11 m
  • Packed size: height 0,9 m, width 0,8 m, length 6,3 m
  • Jumping surfaces: four rectangular trampolines, Mat color: black
  • Electrical power: 110V / 220 V, 8+ amps per motor
  • Function: Stationary/Mobile FXB with four Winches for 4 jumpers at a time
  • Equipment includes all the components needed for operating and installing it.
  • Material: Structural Anodized High grade high quality aerospace type aluminum, Stainless and Galvanized steel
  • Time to build up: Aprox. 30 min, with 2 persons
  • Personal for operating your E-FXB: 1 ~ 4 Operators
  • Weight: Aprox. 850 kg (total weight including all components)
  • Construction: High Grade Re-enforced Structural Anodized Aluminum.
  • Winch: High quality Taiwan winch (Orange Winch).
  • Elastics : Covered latex elastics – weather proofed
  • Harnesses : 6 Comfortable harnesses in 3 sizes : S-M-L
  • Users manual
  • Only 4 Tools needed
  • Export packed in WOODEN BOX
  • Clients: Children and Adults if you can walk you can jump, up to 90 kg (200 lbs.)
  • Total Weight: of the attraction approximately 700 kg (1600 lbs.)
  • Electric Power Supply: 230 volts or 110 volts, depending on your needs (the motors come with a switch for the right voltage).
  • Construction time: 30 minutes - 2 persons.
  • Dismantling time: 30 minutes or less - 2 persons.
  • Height From 7.5 meters (25 feet) high, can also be made 6 meters (19 feet) high.
  • Necessary ground surface 8x8 meters (27x27 feet)
  • Transport dimensions 4.5x1.8x3 meters (15x6x9 feet)
  • only four poles have to be put together
  • Trampoline mats, rectangular Trampoline bed with galvanized steel frames
  • Four orange electric winches
  • Six harnesses 2S-2M-2 L (or on your choice)
  • Electronic timer-counter is optional ( Keep control of your earnings and make sure all the jumpers are accounted for) It has a computerized counter and timer that let you know how many people, when and the total of all the costumers using the bungy during a day, week or month) Easy to program and password protected. (inquiry for more information)
  • Lighting is optional
  • Custom made banners are optional
  • Trampoline skirts are optional
  • It can be assembled very easily (2 persons in less than 30 minutes)
  • Designed and manufactured according to Engineering and technical calculations
  • High Quality Latex Elastics Loops
  • Four High Quality 200 KG Taiwan Winches
  • Six harnesses included 2S-2M-2L or at your choice of size
  • Four rectangular trampolines (Jumping mat)
  • High quality product and very good design.
  • Lowest price and best quality.
  • Return of investment in a short period of time.
  • Light weight.
  • High quality materials and components.
  • Rent the banners space for extra income