Spare Parts

We offer the best quality and price spare parts for any type of bungy trampolines.

We can provide any spare parts such as:

Latex Elastic Loops

Standard Length 180 cm LOOPS

Latex elastic loops come in 3 sizes Thick, Medium and Thin, other custom lengths are possible under request.

Standard set has 8 Thick, 8 medium and 8 thin elastics.


We offer excellent quality Harnesses, our manufacturing facility for harnesses is TUV certified under ISO 9002, EN 29002, certificate number 09 100 4066, we are able to manufacture many different types of harnesses, fall arrest systems and safety harness as well as heavy duty slings, textile lifting tackle, load safety accessories and personal protective equipment against falling as well as applied training in load safety, load attachment and elevated load safety.

Our bungy Trampolines harnesses are certified for 42KN load, and the straps has been tested to withstand a load of 2300KG. Our new Aluminum buckles now have a double simple release system that enhance safety, so that the harness buckle can only be opened by pressing both release pins at the same time.

Our standard harnesses come in 3 sizes, S size, M size and L size, (XS size and XL size can be made under request)

Small Size harnesses are RED for easily and fast recognition by the operator.

Medium Harnesses are PURPLE for easily and fast recognition by the operator

Large size Harnesses are Black for easily and fast recognition by the operator

Jumper Ropes

We can offer a wide variety of jumper ropes and winch ropes in any length you require. Please let us know what length is needed and we will quote an excellent price for you. Our ropes are made by another TUV, CE certified manufacturer to assure best quality and total safety. The standard ropes we use are 9 mm in diameter and come in white color with blue and red stripes. The are static ropes with a certified load capacity of 2500KG.

Electric Motors (Winch, Hoist, Bungy Motors)

We offer 3 different models of bungy trampolines motors:

200 kg 110V/220V 60hz or 50 Hz under request

300Kg 110V/220V 60Hz or 50Hz under request

250KG Fast speed 220V 60Hz 0r 50HZ under request

Extension Slings - Aluminium, Stainless and Steel Carabineers

We offer high quality CE certified climbing carabiners, made of aluminum (quick release snap link) Stainless steel screw carabiners, steel carabiners, Turnbuckles, stainless steel connecting shackles

Wires made of steel, stainless steel, steel and covered with PVC:

Wires can be made in any length (our standard wires are 8 mm) please ask a quote with the length. our wires are professionally made with loop endings single or double pressed. write to our email with your total length and desired diameter and type, we can then send you a quote

Round Trampolines

Round trampolines available in different sizes 12 feet, 13 feet and 14 feet, other diameters also available under request.

Rectangular Trampolines

We have designed and self manufacture the best type of rectangular trampolines for use exclusively with bungy trampolines. These rectangular trampolines can be easily transported on a trailer, small truck or on top of a big van, the legs have an easy release system. These rectangular trampolines does not need to be disassembled (they can be disassembled if required), so you save a lot of time when installing your bungy trampoline, they are very easy to stack up for storage and to avoid un-authorized use.

Our NEW rectangular trampolines have many advantages over inflatable and steel round trampolines.

Round inflatable trampolines do not last long, after maybe a year of use or less and if not treated carefully they puncture and leak air, the advantage was that they could be easily deflated during non operating hours and the operator could also give the jumper a pull when he/she would loose their momentum.

With these advantages in mind we set to design our rectangular trampolines, but we had to make something that does not leak and or puncture and also something that does not require any assembly and easy to stack up during non operational hours. Our answer is Rectangular trampolines; with the perfect size (width, length, height and weight)

Size is 10 feet long by 7 feet wide and weight 45 KG. They 4 legs can be easily removed to store on top of each other on a trailer or during non operational hours. no more spring pulling or dealing with inflatable punctures.

Time Counter Devices
  • Easy to connect, works with any type of motor and any type of voltage without actually having to change anything or flick any button. High quality very durable. comes with four warning lights, 4 start stop controllers and 4 electricity takes for the winches.
  • Easy to operate and set up.
  • Password protection to change settings and to re-set
  • operators can not change any setting without the password.
  • Keep track of all jumpers per period of time.
  • Jumping time can be regulated
  • warning light flashing time can be regulated.