Mobile Ejection Bungy On Trailer

High Thrill Adrenaline rush ride.

Strap on the harness, Connect the elastic pull up the winch to the maximum and turn off the quick release magnet and up wuu...haaaa surpass the 12 meter poles up to 14 meters, bounce back down and up while your heart pumps faster for the thrill of this ride...

This ride is available on trailer as well for faster and easy transport.

Easy to operate, easy to install, this ride is much fun to ride, watch and operate. We have included a elastic safety system, so you can be 100% sure it is always safe to ride..

  • Height 12 Meters, Width 2,1 or 4 meters, (depending on configuration), Length at the base 6.2 meters.
  • Weight 450 KG.
  • All aluminum or all Hot Deep Galvanized construction.
  • One operator required.
  • Heavy duty High speed winch
  • Double rope system for added safety
  • flat bed or trampoline bed available
  • Banners and counter available and optional under request
  • Any other height available under request
  • Includes all parts needed for operation
  • High and quick revenue generating ride.